When seeded into language utilising Soul Powers of Creation, the Christ Codes provide
a full vocabulary of energetic ciphers to raise Sophia Christ Consciousness. ~ Son’Yah

Sophia Light: 1-on-1 Live Vocal Healing Session

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€77 one session of 60 min.
€277 package of 4 sessions60 minutes each

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“Sophia” in Greek means “Wisdom”. This is a journey of a search for wisdom which leads to a deeper connection to the source field of intelligence.

The Sophia Light session is an activation & illumination of your subtle bodies and the codes which are found in your genes. You will feel a vibratory resonance and a frequency of sound, light and form that will activate and unify your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into the One body of Sophia Christ consciousness through the Divine Self.

This is a spiritual initiation to unify polarity that exists within the inner and outer world of force.

Whether in the same room with you or remotely connecting with you online via Zoom, I am opening to receive the energy of Divine Light from my Divine Presence and asking for permission from the consciousness of your Divine Presence to channel this light with my pure intention and vocal sound.

We start by introducing what your intention is for our healing session, then you lie down. You are guided into meditation and the session begins. 

Book your sessions now and prepare to gain a deeper alignment with your spiritual purpose, peace and harmonious existence.