Rising Voice Online (21 Day of Activation)


Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate Level

Languages: English

File format: Audio files

Sessions: 21 +

Video: Only for Day 12

21-day Rising Voice course

By purchasing the 21-day Rising Voice course, you get access to the training containing 21
downloadable audio files training with easy-to-follow interactive vocal exercises, 1 warm-up
audio for daily practice before you start your training, 1 PDF e-manual with channelled
songs, visuals & journaling space, 1 video for Day 12 which includes a visual mudras
practice, an interactive community of fellow-Rising Voices from around the world, special
instructions, reminders, addressing the most common issues students often run into, 1
extra BONUS session, and Marlia’s new ebook THE POWER OF YOUR VOICE.

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