Invoking the Voice of Archetypes


An 8-week online immersion for women
with Marlia and Nia
we have created
through vocal activation and the journey of archetypes
to make you feel more empowered in these times,
to see you happier in your life,
to see you more inspired
more radiant and supported in your journey
of re-discovering yourself.

For you to feel a sense of belonging
and to remember your true nature,
remember who you really are.
starting on 3rd October 2021

to create your happy life
through vocal practice
with clear intention


Product Description

During our 8 weeks together,

During our 8 weeks together,
every Sunday on Zoom for 2 hours,
we are going to meet
our Shaman Woman,
Great Mother,
and the Connection of all.

We will experience mantra singing,
vocal activation practices,
cacao ceremony
and so much more!

We will create a community on social media platforms
to share experiences,
connect with sisters
and evolve together.

It would be wonderful if you can join live all classes but in case of absence, a recording will be shared. ​

Online training spots are limited, therefore please book as soon as possible.

Archetypes: what are they?
What do they mean for your life?
And, most importantly, how can you harness their power
to begin creating your life with intentionality that comes from authenticity?

Archetypes are universal patterns that exist in the universal mind.

Think of them as energetic blueprints that shape reality as we know it.
The archetypes manifest within our own psyches,
informing our thought patterns,
shaping our behaviours, our lives,
and the way we relate to others and the world around us.

* Our meeting dates are 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 October and 7, 14, 21 November 2021

Opening ceremony: 3rd October
Cacao ceremony: 31st October
Closing ceremony: 21st November


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