The vibration of our thoughts are the divine
forces within us, which are stored here and
radiated to all beings. We are creating a center
of giving and receiving of all that is good, joyful
and prosperous.

Private lessons/Sessions

I started teaching classical guitar when I finished my Royal Academy of London studies 23 years ago; then came English language lessons after completing my English Literature University studies, as well as post-graduate studies of Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling. Then came Vocal lessons as I continuously study with different teachers traveling around the globe. As this particular instrument came into my life in 2018, I have started offering Handpan lessons.

I am here on this planet to evolve into my full potential as a human being. By refocusing inside me, I experience a state of unity with my True Self characterised by one quality: peace. People I meet along my path very often tell me that I radiate trust, respect, open communication and flexibility. For me it is pure joy to be your active listener, to provide information, to make suggestions for your orientation and to help you establish healthy life connections and relationships.

I travel around the globe all the time and I am constantly on the move. I prefer lessons in person rather than online, because we can experience more clearly the vibrations of our instruments (including the voice!) So let me know where it would be possible for you to meet me and try to synchronise our schedules in the best environmentally-friendly way possible.

Vocal Encouragement & Singing Lessons
(online and in person)

Life and sound is interwoven. My passion is to share my discoveries and assist you to find your own personal way of integrating the relationship to the sound of your voice into your daily life. I am a soundscaper. My whole life is based on this notion. I can recreate any sound with just my voice. I walk in nature and listen carefully, often recording sounds, and then adding them to my songs on my laptop. The sounds I recreate help me in a number of different ways. They help me release, they provide joy, sometimes they are challenging, they can be a good mirror of my internal state. Tapping into sounds and their recreation often leads to song; sometimes new song and sometimes ancestral song that just comes straight from nowhere. Or so it seems. This whole process helps me achieve making the distance between one thought and the next bigger until I find myself in a continually meditative state.
We can create together an individual voice program for you based on the tools I have to offer.

I am working with Vocal Empowerment including Transpersonal Mentoring for anyone who feels there is potential in you to open or develop your voice and for anyone who wants to connect to their true essence.
In our sessions, we will combine breath work, humming, sighing, guided meditations, voice practices, devotional song, songwriting, individual life coaching and mentoring.
Finding our natural and individual tone and note in speech or song is essential in life and can bring forth shifts and transformation in all areas of life.
Contact Marlia to schedule your lesson in person or online.

€75 initial 75 min. | €60 follow ups 60 min. | €200 series of 4 (60 min) lessons |
€420 series of 8 (60 min) lessons plus 1 bonus lesson | (lessons include mentoring and life coaching)

Handpan Lessons
(online and in person)

I am so excited the Hang or Handpan came into my life; I first became acquainted to this instrument in 2003 in one of my trips to Switzerland. Finally after years, I have the opportunity to compose my songs and arrange traditional Cypriot, Greek and Bulgarian tunes on the handpan. It completely changed and reinforced my perspective & approach to music in general!

Beginner handpan player

⦁ We will develop touch, hand co-ordination and hand-independence skills
⦁ We begin with training your fingers and ears
⦁ You will learn how to build up patterns
⦁ You will discover how rhythms are structured
⦁ You will get familiar with 4/4 rhythms
⦁ You will get familiar with 3/4 rhythms
⦁ You will learn how to create a melody from a pattern
⦁ We will move into learning arpeggios.
⦁ If this interests you, we will practice singing while playing handpan.

For intermediate and advanced handpan players, a 1-on-1 meeting is important for me to hear you play, discuss with you what are your personal needs and provide you with my suggestions and songwriting/composing techniques.

Contact Marlia to schedule your lesson in person or online.

€60 initial lesson 75 min. |€50 follow ups 60 min. | €180 set of 4 (60 min) lessons | Schedule your lesson in person or online.

Classical or basic Guitar Lessons
(online and in person)

⦁ You will become familiar with this instrument and develop your own style of playing depending on your preference
⦁ You will learn basic guitar chords in 3 and 4 beats
⦁ You will develop a basic finger-picking pattern and play simple compositions
⦁ We can delve into music theory if you wish and you can learn how to read sheet music
⦁ You will gradually develop the confidence and routine to play with other musicians and discovery
⦁ You can learn a number of sacred songs from my universal, global song book
⦁ You can compose your own songs and collect your favourite cover songs
⦁ You will develop the confidence to play with other musicians

€60 initial lesson 75 min. |€50 follow ups 60 min. | €180 set of 4 (60 min) lessons | Contact Marlia to schedule your lesson in person or online.

Sound Healing Journey sessions
(online and in person)

All you need to do is just relax…
Reaching this deep relaxation state without sleeping, allows for deep inner exploration to take place, for body integration and astral travel to receive messages, see clearer paths and be in the flow.
Equipped with my voice, singing bowls and various other instruments, these sessions are designed to create a safe space and a state of bliss. In this way we are enhancing the self-regulation of the body, we are tuning the nervous system and affecting the biochemistry to support the healing process.

Let song, sound and silence be the vessel for
purification and may this sanctuary be filled with
music which joins our hearts together as one

Rising Voice:
A vocal breathing journey

I want to sing like the birds sing,
not worrying about who hears or what they think.
~ Rumi

Join Marlia in this empowering Voice Activation 3-hour, or 6-hour, 1-day, 7-days or 21-days workshop/retreat if you wish to deepen your connection with your wild and fearless Nature, with yourself, your life, your reality, your relations and your music.

¬ Cultivating the voice, opening the primordial sound channel within you, unblocking the throat chakra, releasing and finding peace
¬ Practicing breathing techniques in order to amplify the natural sounds created in the body and resonate throughout our vessel
¬ Strengthening your Trust in You and your self-confidence
¬ Harnessing energy and elevating your energetic vibration
¬ Undoing limitations & limiting thoughts

Hold me close:
Self-discovery through voice, breath, intimacy

Open your hands, if you want to be held. ~ Rumi

Join Marlia in this 3-hour workshop, if you wish to activate your creativity, inner abundance & personal power and discover a deeper part of your being. The part that lies beyond your thoughts, constructs and created personalities. The part that we know very intimately. We want to experience this part in us, see it in others and share this experience together.

Who are you?
How well do you connect with others?
Can you show your vulnerability to a stranger?
Are you OK with eye gazing and hugging other people?
Can you take care of your boundaries and communicate them? Can you take responsibility for your inner processes?
These questions can lead you to a revealing and satisfying journey of self- discovery and deep insight.


¬ Awakening your True Self who embodies wisdom, great power and a proper understanding of life
¬ Opening your intuition and inner perception
¬ Breaking stereotypes and barriers about intimacy
¬ Strengthening your Trust in You, in Life and in your Body
¬ Harnessing energy and raising your energetic vibration
¬ Embracing your highest potential and show up in this world from your Soul

Mystic Dance:
Movement & whirling

What you seek, is also seeking you. ~ Rumi

Join Marlia in a 3-hour workshop to discover the power and mystery of ancient dances, rituals and ancestral voicing – a gateway for self-growth and spiritual transformation – through movement, music, love, whirling and stillness. Be moved by beautiful, sacred music.

¬ Awakening deeper connection to your body
¬ Merging spirituality (Spirit) and Body (Matter)
¬ Negotiating choices in improvised movement dialogues
¬ Remembering the sacredness of the Mystics, the Feminine and the Masculine, the ancient Greeks
¬ Harnessing energy and raising your energetic vibration
¬ Healing traumas and embracing your highest potential

Cacao blessed:
Ceremonial co-creation

Do not feel lonely; the entire universe is inside you. ~ Rumi

Join Marlia for a sacred ceremony with the heart medicine of Cacao, if you wish to travel and enter into new depths of your inner space. With meditation and sonic journeying, we dive deeper into our individual and collective processes, unconscious programs and life’s designs, honouring the Cacao spirit so it may listen to our intentions and prayers for the ceremony.

¬ Exploring the infinite potential of our individual & collective voice, the most powerful instrument on Earth
¬ Awakening deeper connection to your body
¬ Surrendering to an ecstatic dance where we remember our connection to this cosmic web of power that runs through all things
¬ Engaging with the sacred wisdom of our hearts, making the path clearer
¬ Moving stagnated energy through the body and clearing subconscious patterns
¬ Harnessing energy and raising our energetic vibration
¬ Letting go of fear and shame and trusting our intuition and our feelings