💠 T H E . J O U R N E Y 💠

I remember conceiving the Gāiā Āiyānā song after my first world tour in 2018, by a powerful river in Greece on one of my favourite mountains where 2 magical souls own their permaculture land @regreengreece. . Soon after I embarked on my European tour in 2019, months after we recorded the first first first guitar tracks with my brother @anorganik in Hungary. I told him “I’ve got this song that has been playing in my field continuously, could we record it before flying out?” He was happy to set up the mics in his apartment and voilà! 

In March 2020 I remained in purposeful solitude for 3 weeks in my room in Sayan, Bali, recording my full album Corazón Abierto (which you can find on Spotify, Band camp, SoundCloud, just look for marliaproject). During this time I recorded the rest of the instruments, the vocal tracks, got Gāiā Āiyānā mastered by my brother klausb and released the album. 

A week later I met videographer/artist/dear friend Salina @holidayfortheheart while paying for lunch at @zestubud in Ubud. 

Our dream to co-create had already begun. 

June 2021 saw Salina, Anna @annawijayayoga, Lila @lila.colours and myself meeting at the same restaurant to discuss how to combine our forces and co-weave this beautiful tribute to Mother Earth. 

And here it is!!! 

💠 T H E . R E L E A S E 💠

The video is almost ready to be released (officially on Sunday!) but my subscribers can early-preview tomorrow Saturday 14th; DM me if you want to subscribe to my newsletter, we are preparing more vocal goodies on the way! 

And I want to give thanks to each and every being and every Soul that participated & contributed in every possible way to the creation of this beauty 

💠T H E . C O N T R I B U T O R S 💠

Deep gratitude to all 

Recording guitar/vocals: @Anorganik 

Mastering: @klausb 

Videographer/Editing: Salina @HolidayForTheHeart 

Body painting: @lila.colours 

Artistic director: @Anna Wijaya 

Photography: @Sergprophoto 

Sisterhood: Devlin, Jayde, Flordeliza Pesigan, Mana Xu, Malaika MaVeena Darville, Suman, Anna, Lila, Salina, Marlia 

Composition/Production/Instruments: @Marlia project 

I wish you all the best in your dreams and visions, my dear friends