Module 1 and 2 are ready, out of a complete 8-module vocal training course:
a holistic/shamanic approach on singing and becoming an independent artist.
I call it the RISING VOICE, just as my workshops and retreats.

holistic approach means thinking about the bigger picture.
Considering all interconnected factors for the creation of something.
In this course you will learn how to breathe, sing, record, perform and market your music online,
making your big dream come true to travel the world as an independent musician. 

Each module contains 35+ videos which you can complete at your own pace and keep on practicing at home.

The whole online course contains 12+ hours of tutoring on vocal training, breathing techniques, creating your digital self step-by-step, learning how to market yourself in the music industry, how to use social media, how to release your songs through digital distribution platforms, how to release your singles on spotify, how to setup a basic recording studio at home, how to record your first project, how to use a loop station, EFX pedals, hardware connections, interfaces and microphones and many songs/mantras/medicine music used as examples throughout the training. 

Once you are done with the online training and WANT MORE, I'm offering online private Zoom/Skype vocal empowerment sessions with mentoring, handpan lessons, as well as workshops and retreats all around the world. 

Don't forget that I always need artists/performers to join my live shows in different countries so you might just be involved in one of the coming projects!

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