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to our FREE vocal masterclass  on female archetypes.
Join us on Tuesday Aug 24th   for a Free 90-minute Masterclass  to dive deeper into the realms of female archetypes and vocal activation
at 7pm Bali time, 12pm London, 1pm Zurich, 2pm Greece, 9pm Sydney, 7am EST

My name is Marlia. I come from Cyprus.

I am a sacred song collector, passionate soundscaper, handpan player, circle-singing facilitator, recording artist, vocalist, guitarist, live-looping performer, composer, Music Academy owner, yoga instructor, journey weaver, nature lover and so much more!

Through music, I surrender to the current. I explore the deeper realms of life’s creative energy, connecting to the breath and becoming aware of the natural flow of life which supports us to heal and transform.

Recently I started an online Music/Mindfulness Academy in order to spread my online lessons and bring people together, to create the foundation of an online community based on a mindful spirit and co-teachings; a place to belong to, a collective to call Home.

This is the name of the online academy too: HOME https://onlinehomeacademy.eu/

I live every day as an eternal student, empowering people from all walks of life to explore, embody and express their one true voice for the happiness of all beings.

I am infinitely curious about the body and the breath, plants, art, music, magic, beauty and I am committed to expand my devotional integration work universally with people who are equally eager to explore this Higher Self state.

Every month I record and release independently one single original song which has been inspired by my travels on Earth, arranged, recorded and mixed by me as I am on-the-go.

And every few months, I release a new album, followed by live performances, vocal/breathing workshops, empowerment retreats, musical collaborations, high-energy concerts, sacred journey experiences and participation in global festivals.

With a growing presence in the world of ‘Ceremonial/Medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth, I AM.

Help me spread my vision, my music, my passion, my positive vibes, my gifts, my contributions to this world, by supporting me in any way which is possible to you. Following me on my social media, commenting on my posts, buying my music, offering to support/organise a sound healing/silent meditation event in your area, requesting an online lesson with me (vocal, handpan, guitar, percussion, yoga, breathing lessons available), recommending my music/workshops to your friends, joining one of my vocal empowerment retreats on Greek islands — every action helps!

Module 1 and 2 are ready, out of a complete 8-module vocal training course:
a holistic/shamanic approach on singing and becoming an independent artist.
I call it the RISING VOICE, just as my workshops and retreats.

holistic approach means thinking about the bigger picture.
Considering all interconnected factors for the creation of something. 
In this course you will learn how to breathesingrecordperform and market your music online
making your big dream come true to travel the world as an independent musician

Each module contains 35+ videos which you can complete at your own pace and keep on practicing at home.

The whole online course contains 12+ hours of tutoring on vocal trainingbreathing techniques, creating your digital self step-by-step, learning how to market yourself in the music industry, how to use social media, how to release your songs through digital distribution platforms, how to release your singles on spotify, how to setup a basic recording studio at home, how to record your first project, how to use a loop stationEFX pedalshardware connections, interfaces and microphones and many songs/mantras/medicine music used as examples throughout the training. 

Once you are done with the online training and WANT MORE, I’m offering online private Zoom/Skype vocal empowerment sessions with mentoringhandpan lessons, as well as workshops and retreats all around the world. 

Don’t forget that I always need artists/performers to join my live shows in different countries so you might just be involved in one of the coming projects

Enroll in Module 1 for free with your email address and by creating a password! Easy 🙏 


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