Invoking the Voice of Archetypes

8-week online vocal immersion from October 3rd to November 21st, 2021


This is an all-women 8-week safe-container vocal journey for you who feel stuck in your expression or disconnected from your feminine energy, to remember your wisdom through feminine rites of passage, to reconnect with your inner power and transform into your full infinite potential that you truly are.

We meet via Zoom for 2 hours training every Sunday for the transmission, the teachings, and group practice with Marlia & Nia live from Bali. We will create a community on social media platforms to share experiences, connect with sisters and evolve together. 

We begin October 3rd, 2021

Gāiā Aiyānā


12-chakra vocal activation frequency attunement


This is a 12-day vocal activation healing journey aligned with our 12-chakra system. Each day we will be focusing on one chakra with a visualisation and chanting each light-language mantra for around 12 minutes, so we can bring more light and rebalancing energy to each of these chakras. By the end of the course, you will attune and centre your chakras, you will empower your unique voice to express your inner truth, you will explore your sonic and auditory technology to align in divine frequencies, while clearing out old energy and bringing health and harmony to your energetic bodies.

Each of us is connected to the Earth and through a thin bridge to the Universe. This bridge speaks a language, an Astro-language. Passing through each chakra, we visualise a specific colour, we tune into a specific frequency which is unique for each chakra, and we vocalise a mantra of light language to clear, align, balance and centre each energy wheel. The 12-chakra system supports that all living beings are part of a whole and it consists of the 7 basic energy centres that are mostly known plus 5 others.