1. Rising voice: a vocal breathing journey (3 hours workshop)

2. Songwriting & Recording on Logic Pro X (7 weeks training)

3. Living Loop Mystics (4 weeks training)

4. Handpan workshop (2-day event)

The “Rising Voice” is an empowering, self-confidence booster, guided journey in a safe, open-hearted space. It is a vocal, breathing, musical experience, created to bring each participant home! We learn to trust our intuition and to connect to our authentic musical source.  *No prior singing experience is necessary

If your mind is saying “I am not a singer”, then this is the perfect space for you to surprise yourself. 

Our fundamentals during the workshop:

  • Deepen your connection with your wild and fearless Nature, with yourself, your life, your reality, your relations and your music
  • Cultivating the voice, opening the primordial sound channel within you, unblocking the throat chakra, releasing and finding peace
  • Practicing breathing techniques in order to amplify the natural sounds created in the body and resonate throughout our vessel
  • Strengthening your Trust in You and your self-confidence
  • Harnessing energy and elevating your energetic vibration
  • Undoing limitations & limiting thoughts

Next Rising Voice workshops dates/countries/festivals are announced in the EVENTS

Do not feel lonely; the entire universe is inside you ~ Rumi

Songwriting & Recording on Logic Pro X: (7 weeks training)

Do you wish to connect your passion of lyric-writing with techie recording skills?  

Have you ever written a song that never got finished or shared with others? 

Do you desire to share your recordings on Spotify/SoundCloud/Youtube and be supported by the community?  

Join this course to learn how to express your emotions through songwriting and start manifesting your recordings into actual mp3s that can be uploaded online and even be remixed by DJs.  

You are reading this because you are ready to shine. 

Join Marlia Cœur @Sayuri’s Music School in Bali for the 7-week “Sing your Heart’s Song“ course of songwriting and recording.  

The program is a deeper dive into the process of writing your own lyrics, composing your own music, as well as the concepts and skills needed to learn how to record your song with affordable equipment in your own home studio.  


These 7 meetings are designed so that you finish the program with the confidence: 

* of creating truly authentic writing that helps you heal, process, and positively impact the planet, 

* of recording 2-channel arrangements with your own equipment on Logic Pro X to share with your community, and 

* of learning more about music, music recording, poetry, songwriting, and marketing skills. 


Each week we will meet for a 2-hour session at Sayuri’s in central Ubud, in which we will cover things like concept, melody, lyrics, rhyme schemes, song structure, and delivery, all taught through the perspective of how your emotions and energy impact the process.  At your own time and space, you will be writing and composing your song, gathering each week for check-ins, answering questions and moving onto the process of recording on your laptop. This is a highly experiential process, and you will be writing EVERY week. There’s a very real opportunity to finish this program with multiple songs!

Our 7th session together will be a showcase of everyone’s songs performed live in our safe container, exchanging each other’s social media information so that we can support each other on our journeys afterwards and creating a digital group to continue sharing new creations as they come into fruition.
The program’s dates/times are TBC. There will be enough time for answering questions/queries and creating a sustainable environment for helping each other out in terms of equipment and recordings.

What you seek, is also seeking you ~ Rumi

Living Loop Mystics: (4 weeks training)

Ready to dive into the magical world of live looping, with multi-instrumentalist and looping innovator, Marlia Coeur?

Create your own sound healing journey with the looper, your voice and your instruments.

This class is for you if…

  • You want to learn the secrets of how to compose (actual) magic with live looping
  • You want to take your live performance to the next level
  • You want to get the most out of your gear and learn in real time 
  • You’ve got a loop pedal collecting dust and don’t know where to start!
  • Your creativity is in need of a kickstart (or CPR)
  • You’re ready for a fun, fresh dose of inspiration in your music making 
  • You want to ignite your creative process 


During our time together, we will go behind the scenes into Marlia’s world of exploring looping as an art form… you will learn innovative looping techniques, gear and setup instructions, and performance secrets that will make you stand out from the average musician. Learn to loop using a variety of tools – from just a standalone looper and your voice – as well as instruction on how to optimise a more complex set-up for professional live looping performances.

In this playful container, you will get to walk with Marlia through the exploration and discovery of what’s possible with sound. You will come away with invaluable tools you can immediately apply to your current craft, as well as simple steps to begin your journey with live looping! All levels are welcome! 

The program’s dates/times are TBC. There will be enough time for answering questions/queries and creating a sustainable environment for helping each other out in terms of equipment and recordings.

Open your hands, if you want to be held ~ Rumi

Handpan workshop: (2-day event)

Day 1: Handpan & Singing

Life and sound is interwoven. My passion is to share my discoveries and assist you to find your own personal way of integrating the relationship to the sound of your voice into your daily life and into your handpan compositions. I am a soundscaper. I walk in nature and listen carefully, often recording sounds, and then adding them to my songs. The sounds I recreate help me in a number of different ways, they can be a good mirror of my internal state. Tapping into sounds and their recreation often leads to song; sometimes new song and sometimes ancestral song that just comes straight from nowhere. Or so it seems. We begin with training your fingers on the handpan and your ears on the sounds. You will learn how to build up patterns on your instrument independently of your scale. You will develop touch, hand co-ordination and hand-independence skills. This workshop is designed to create a safe space and a state of bliss in a continually meditative state. 

No prior experience in singing needed. All levels of handpan players welcome. 

Day 2: Odd Rhythms of East Mediterranean

Welcome to this workshop on the use of odd time signatures on the handpan. Our goal will be to find comfort in playing other meters than 4/4. You will discover how rhythms are structured in bars and beats. You will learn how to create a melody from a pattern, creating rhythm cycles in flow. We will use clapping, singing, counting and dancing in the given meter to embody and internalise each rhythm. In this way you can practice when you’re away from your instrument. Most Western European music is based on rhythmic cycles of two, four or less commonly three beats. These correspond to the time signatures of 2/4, 4/4 and 3/4. To be clear we will treat 6/8, 7/8 and 9/8 as common too and create a tapestry of sound by weaving different rhythmic patterns and ornaments into a flowing composition. 

For intermediate and advanced handpan players.


⦁ We will develop touch, hand co-ordination and hand-independence skills
⦁ We begin with training your fingers and ears
⦁ You will learn how to build up patterns
⦁ You will discover how rhythms are structured
⦁ You will get familiar with various rhythms
⦁ You will learn how to create a melody from a pattern
⦁ We will move into learning arpeggios

Next Handpan workshops dates/countries/festivals are announced in the EVENTS