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Feb 03 2021


UTF + 8
4:00 am - 6:00 pm

Songwriting & Recording workshop

(7-week course)

Facilitated by @MarliaCœur
Only 10 spots available
Exchange: 2.000K IDR
Sign-ups on a first come-first serve basis

⭕️ Immersing in the Heart, structuring into Song, supporting a Community ⭕️

THE SYLLABUS: 🎧 WEEK 1 ⭕️ Welcome to Songwriting: From Concept to Lyrics WEEK 2 ⭕️ Introducing the 3 Pillars: M H R WEEK 3 ⭕️ Sonic GPS-Mapping Your Song with Rhyme WEEK 4 ⭕️ Structure vs. Improvisation +Recordings WEEK 5 ⭕️ What is Arrangement? +Recordings WEEK 6 ⭕️ Support +Recordings WEEK 7 ⭕️ Showcasing in the group TBA DATE: possible public live performance at Sayuri’s

🌺 A 7-Week Songwriting & Recording workshop with Marlia Cœur ⚜️ The World Needs Your HEART ⚜️

Have you ever written a song that never got finished or shared with others?

Do you wish to connect your passion of lyric-writing with techie recording skills?

Do you desire to share your recordings on Spotify/SoundCloud/Youtube and be supported by the community?

You are reading this because you are ready to shine.

Join this course to learn how to express your emotions through songwriting and start manifesting your recordings into actual mp3s that can be uploaded online and even be remixed by DJs.

🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 Join Marlia Cœur @Sayuri’s Music School for the 7-week “Sing your Heart’s Song“ course of songwriting and recording.

The program is a deeper dive into the process of writing your own lyrics, composing your own music, as well as the concepts and skills needed to learn how to record your song with affordable equipment in your own home studio. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN 🎧 * Create authentic writing * Navigate melodies and harmonies * Control the beat * Learn how to record your songs on Logic Pro X * The basics of looping * Start marketing yourself online * Exactly what you need to do to get community support These 7 meetings are designed so that you finish the program with the confidence:of creating truly authentic writing that helps you heal, process, and positively impact the planet, of recording 2-channel arrangements with your own equipment on Logic Pro X to share with your community, and of learning more about music, music recording, poetry, songwriting, and marketing skills.

SKILLS YOU WILL GAIN 🎧 * Create song concepts * Make melodies work * The basics of harmonising * Write heartfelt lyrics * Develop rhyme schemes * Rhythm is a dancer * Improvisation vs. structure * Use Logic Pro X to record (not included) * Learn how to use recording equipment (not included) * The basics of mixing and exporting * Master social media * Create/boost your YouTube channel * Learn how to use digital distribution platforms * Upload your songs on Spotify * Collaborate with others to find community support Each week we will meet for a 2-hour session at Sayuri’s in central Ubud, in which we will cover things like concept, melody, lyrics, rhyme schemes, song structure, and delivery, all taught through the perspective of how your emotions and energy impact the process.

At your own time and space, you will be writing and composing your song, gathering each week for check-ins, answering questions and moving onto the process of recording on your laptop.

This is a highly experiential process, and you will be writing EVERY week.

There’s a very real opportunity to finish this program with multiple songs!

THE FUTURE 🎧 Our 7th session together will be a showcase of everyone’s songs performed live in our safe container, exchanging each other’s social media information so that we can support each other on our journeys afterwards and creating a digital group to continue sharing new creations as they come into fruition during 2021.

The program’s dates/times are TBC. There will be enough time for answering questions/queries and creating a sustainable environment for helping each other out in terms of equipment and recordings.

WHO IS MARLIA CŒUR? 🎧 Marlia Cœur is much more than a musician. She is a transformational artist healing through her music. She has journeyed around the world with her music, offering live performances, improvisation experiences, high-energy workshops and retreats. With a growing presence, she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘Ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth. “My workshops and retreats are related to meditation, breathwork, self-development, somatic releases, healthy nutrition, mindful sexuality, movement, selfless service, shamanic sound activation, as well as natural and alternative healing and environmental causes. Consciousness is a personal journey but when we come together as a collective whole, we have the power to not only climb mountains, but to move them. I help singers who are disconnected from their voice, or who engage in limiting beliefs, learn how to express their true voice with purpose and clarity through intentional breathing & vocal encouragement, so they can fully connect to their hearts, freely sing their soul’s song and vibrate their true power with love.” – Marlia Visit or and don’t forget to check out ” Marlia project ” on Soundcloud + Spotify + Facebook + Youtube + Instagram

PM for registrations and payment options

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