Invoking the Voice of Archetypes

to create your happy life

through vocal practice

with clear intention

An 8-week online immersion for women
with Marlia and Nia
starting on 3rd October 2021

Do you feel you are…

lacking confidence,
disconnected from feminine energy,
tired of the same routine,
losing yourself,
too busy with family/work,
not able to express yourself in the way that feels true,
stuck in your expression and lacking tools to implement your dreams?

Do you feel you need…

a safe space for yourself,
the community,
the acceptance,
the support,
the love,
appreciationtrue expression?

Do you want to feel…

connected to your power,
to remember your wisdom,
to feel fully present,
reconnect with your sweetness,
return to your true feminine energy,
feel an alive woman,
share your vulnerability,
shift your mindset to a more complete self?

Then join us

on this 8-week online immersion

we have created
through vocal activation and the journey of archetypes
to make you feel more empowered in these times,
to see you happier in your life,
to see you more inspired
more radiant and supported in your journey
of re-discovering yourself.

For you to feel a sense of belonging
and to remember your true nature,
remember who you really are.

During our 8 weeks together,

every Sunday on Zoom for 2 hours,
we are going to meet
our wild shaman Kali woman,
Goddess Aphrodite,
Warrioress Durga
Great Mother Mary,
Queen Hathor,
Priestess Isis
and The Pure Light.

We will experience mantra singing,
vocal activation practices,
cacao ceremony
and so much more! 

We will create a community on social media platforms
to share experiences,
connect with sisters
and evolve together. 

It would be wonderful if you can join live all classes but in case of absence, a recording will be shared. ​

Online training spots are limited, therefore please book as soon as possible. 

Archetypes: what are they? 
What do they mean for your life? 
And, most importantly, how can you harness their power
to begin creating your life with intentionality that comes from authenticity?

Archetypes are universal patterns that exist in the universal mind. 

Think of them as energetic blueprints that shape reality as we know it.
The archetypes manifest within our own psyches,
informing our thought patterns,
shaping our behaviours, our lives,
and the way we relate to others and the world around us.

* Our meeting dates are 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 October and 7, 14, 21 November 2021

Opening ceremony: 3rd October
Cacao ceremony: 31st October
Closing ceremony: 21st November

Invoking the Voice of Archetypes

An 8-week online immersion with Marlia and Nia.
We meet via Zoom for 2 hours training every Sunday
for the transmission, the teachings, and group practice
with Marlia & Nia live from Bali.

*If you cannot meet this price, reach out to us 

Meet the Hostess

Marlia Coeur

Marlia Coeur is a vocal activator and facilitator of human potential expressed through the voice.

As a Music Academy coordinator, devotional singer, composer, teacher, international recording artist and multi-instrumentalist, she helps people who are disconnected from their voice learn how to express their true voice with purpose and clarity.

Through intentional breathingtrue embodiment & vocal encouragement, she guides you to fully connect to your heart, freely sing your soul’s song and vibrate your true power with love. 

With a growing presence as a powerful voice in the world of Ceremonial/Medicine music, she is best known for her Rising Voice vocal activation workshops + retreats, as well as her high-energy live improvisational sacred Experiences.

You can find her albums and listen to her Sound Healing Journeys on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp & YouTube as “Marlia project”)

You can now book a 1:1 vocal activation session with Marlia on www.marliaproject.com and join her Vocal Activation Academy circle and donation-based vocal activation sessions on Insight Timer.


Nia Anastasia Archangelskaya

Nia is a voice coach, singer-songwriter, author of creative inspiring programs, public speaker, founder of Music Inside Studio. 

Throughout her life Nia was exploring the topic of voice, self expression, authentic relation, family creative communication, emotional intelligence and singing-songwriting. 

Unlike other traditional singing teachers, her unique approach touches a Voice as an Instrument, as she connects the heart of who you are and what you really want to communicate emotionally and creatively. 

She guides people to connect and align with their ‘inner’ voice, the emotional truth and ‘outer’ voice of creative self expression.

As a Vocal Coach, she creates a safe nurturing space from which you can embrace a healthy relationship with the full spectrum of your emotional expression, using your voice.

You can book a private session with her at www.singwithnia.com

Her work is to assist you to discover the innate intelligence within your own sound, take your space in the world and reach your goals vocally, creatively and on a personal development level.


Opportunities to continue working 1-on-1 with Nia or Marlia are optional for individual deepening & expanding your magic into the woman that you really are, through modalities such as voice, true embodiment, reflective journaling and many more tools. 


“I am so grateful that I discovered Marlia and the gifts she shared through activating the voice. She opened up a whole new realm of awareness for me to play with my ranges & bring play & sacred frequency in ways to use the voice I wasn’t aware of before. I have participated in several of her group programs & experiences & I keep coming back for more. Thank you Marlia for bringing in your wisdom, journey & experience. It is such a gift.

– SunDari Marci Lock

“Voice activation classes with Nia are amazingly powerful.
Through the voice,
Nia brings me in all my dimensions as a guide.
Each class is so different, and brings me self connection, self intimacy, and empowerment. 
Love you so much Nia!”

– Marie Pierre Gay
Inoking the Voice of Archetypes

If you would like more information to see if this training is right for you or have any questions,
please contact us at marliaproject@gmail.com or niaarchangel@gmail.com

Opportunities to continue working 1-on-1 with Nia or Marlia are optional for individual deepening & expanding your magic into the woman that you really are, through modalities such as voice, true embodiment, reflective journaling and many more tools.