Circle-Singing Facilitator & Sacred Sound Journey sessions


"VoicePrint" is a healing circle of improvisational musical coexistence working with the voice, movement and body percussion. A group music game, where we use the voice as our instrument. Participants will work with voice experimentation and sound production, as the facilitator assigns different phrases to them and allows for expression through spontaneous interaction. We use the vibrations of our voice’s sounds for relaxation, release and self-improvement in our personal journey.

Our voice is a mirror of our body, spirit and energy. We will use them to open up our voice, we will explore the connection between these elements.
When using correct breathing, we achieve stability, better focus and greater awareness. Conscious breathing causes an emotionally calming effect. It is one of the most effective methods for reducing tension and hyperactivity of the brain. We come together, standing in a circle.We just start to sing and tune in. Before you know it, you enter a different space inside yourself, feeling free and open to share your voice and feel your heart.No previous experience is required.

Since the beginning of time people from all over the world have been singing – to express joy, celebration and grief, to accompany work and devotion, to aid healing – without necessarily worrying about having a “good singing voice” or “being pitch perfect”. Song has been a part of life, a way of binding the community together. My aim is to show that anybody can sing beautifully if we all sing together.

Everything in our world is vibration. Particles vibrate at different frequencies and sometimes the range of frequencies is much greater than we as humans are able to perceive with our senses. In a sacred sound journey session, I use specially crafted sounds to induce positive spiritual effects, to allow the listeners to alter brainwave states, expand consciousness, or repair DNA. The vibrations from instruments like the handpan, Tibetan or quartz bowls, the gong and the shruti box can promote healing, help slow down and dissolve worldly thoughts, contribute to realising our Oneness with Spirit, and finding Liberation from the endless cycle of birth and death. Acquiring freedom from the ups and downs of duality... and finding ourselves walking the endless path of bliss.

Let sound travel and the ripple of love be heard throughout the world.


Recording artist & street performer


I play music at home, in nature, in recording studios, in the streets, on stage. Composing my own songs, arranging them and performing them in a variety of settings, with the help of loopers, samplers and effect pedals, or with selected talented musicians, I perform my original motivational indie-folk songs in a mixed fusion with traditional songs from countries like Cyprus, Bulgaria, India, Greece, Spain etc.

Along with live devotional music, ambient/experimental/minimal genre, improvising on sacred songs and mantras, using a wide range of instruments, such as electroclassical guitar with effects, the HandPan, chimes, kalimba, flute, shruti box, tibetan bowls, samples and live looped voices. The most recent album “Ode to Self” was released in May 2017 and was recorded in Cyprus.

I often perform in yoga sessions, cacao ceremonies, meditation groups, contact improv dance jams and participate in music festivals, such as Agni Spirit Fest in Spain, Yoga fest, Alma and International Contact Improv festival in Israel, Windcraft, Xarkis, MakiFest,

Fengaros Music village & fest, Mind Body & Spirit festival in Cyprus, International Music Village and HONA festival in Greece, and also wellbeing festivals and yoga retreats, eco-communities such as Re-green in Greece and Zegg in Berlin, vocal workshops with Albert Hera, Guillaume Rozenthuler, Michael Deason-Barrow in London UK, collaborating in various Arts projects.

I take the guitar or the handpan to the streets as often as possible, busking while traveling, and sometimes do busking walks where I strap the guitar on my shoulder and play while moving, creating a moving flow like a troubadour, capable of meeting more people, getting to know a new city and catching people off-guard in their workplace or while walking home..


Kirtan Leader & Mantra Music Artist


Kirtan is a participatory social practice that blends East and West. The leader chants (calls) and the audience responds (response). It’s that simple. And yet, very potent. World-renowned artist Deva Premal puts it this way: “In kirtan, we sing our praises to the divine in the many forms in which it manifests.”
Kirtan quickly calms your mind, opens your heart, drops you into your body and illuminates a profound Connection to yourself, others and the Divine. It generates happiness; it creates a sense of flow. At its highest, Kirtan becomes a form of collective spirituality where each participant serves the group, bringing Love, Freedom and Healing into each person’s life.

Different stages of consciousness can be experienced during Kirtan chanting. In the beginning of the chant, you hesitantly copy the kirtan leader who sings a mantra, attempting to get all the words and melodies right and probably disliking hearing your own voice in the space. As time goes by, you start to relax into the chant, suddenly the words flow out of you and your voice is interweaved with everyone else’s. The third phase is the most alluring: the shifting of perspective seems to take place and suddenly it sounds as if there’s a single voice singing. You experience yourself as part of this flowing river of life, a sense of timelessness where you are found at an unselfconscious place, merging into one collectiveness.

Each chant revolves around a particular mantra.
Mantra is a word or a short phrase that you continually repeat in order to focus, clear your mind of any thoughts, connect with the specific cosmic energy the mantra is related to, leading to a deep manifestation of that energy within ourselves.

Eventually, you can let go of the mantra and find yourself in the place of stillness and silence that is the goal of meditation. Mantras have a special quality and the power to increase the love and sense of connection between us. Singing together has the unique power to unite instead of divide. Being stuck in our rational mind we often fall for the illusion of separation. While singing we become able to let go of this illusion and truly feel the oneness of all beings.

Sound carries the capacity to overcome barriers and to touch us deep within on the heart-level. By raising our voice we open our hearts. There is no need to be “a good singer“ in mantra chanting, only to have a passion about singing.
Mantras often feature the names of the myriad gods and goddesses identified by the ancient rishis (or seers) in Vedic times, and later became central to religions such as Hinduism and Sikhism.

Eastern spirituality is represented by Sanskrit mantras that dutifully and reliably connect with you to Divine energy. The music that carries these mantras (ancient words that carry an energetic force) is frequently familiar to Western ears, with influences from jazz, funk, soul, rhythm and blues, and rock music.


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