12-chakra vocal activation frequency attunement


By purchasing this course, you get access to download 14 audio tracks with each day’s practice (plus intro + warm-up exercises) and the journaling PDF to print for your journaling.

This is a 12-day vocal activation healing journey aligned with our 12-chakra system. It is a self-paced course; you can start and finish as you wish. Preferably you would finish this attunement practice in 12 consecutive days, and you would repeat it again twice more within a three-month period. Total listening/chanting time 12-14 minutes each day, plus your journaling time. 

Each day we will be focusing on one chakra with a visualisation and chanting each light-language mantra for around 12 minutes, so we can bring more light and rebalancing energy to each of these chakras. By the end of the course, you will attune and centre your chakras, you will empower your unique voice to express your inner truth, you will explore your sonic and auditory technology to align in divine frequencies, while clearing out old energy and bringing health and harmony to your energetic bodies.