The vibration of our thoughts are the divine forces within us,
which are stored here and radiated to all beings.
We are creating a centre of giving and receiving of all that is good, joyful and prosperous.

1-On-1 Sessions: Vocal empowerment (online and in person)

Contact Marlia to schedule your session in person or online.

Bundle of 4 sessions: €577 (90 Minutes each), plus resources for home practice & access to online Academy

1 session €177 120 Minutes

Bundle of 8 sessions: €977 (90 minutes each), plus resources for home practice & access to online Academy

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Are you ready to connect deeper with your Voice

Does light language resonate with you, or you are already using Light Languages in your practices?

Do you want to learn the Art of Channeling and how to connect with your Divine Energy?

If you are ready for your transformational quest to enhance your Divine Power, to enchant your Divine Purpose, to enrich your Divine Talents


to unlock your life force, to unleash your creative expression & unravel your intuitive intelligence…

…then let’s create together a customised once-in-a-lifetime VOCAL LIBERATION journey for you, combining an instrument of your choice (harmonium/guitar/handpan/percussion/singing bowls/jaw’s harp, ulusi flute) with the tools I offer.

I am working with tools such as vocal healing, clearing voice & creative blocks, establishing boundaries with the inner critic, reclaiming fragmented parts of your voice & expression, opening your Pillar of Light, balancing feminine & masculine expression, using your voice as medicine, connecting to Earth Wisdom, transmuting pain into resolution, enhancing your personal offerings with newfound gifts, songversations, rituals for accessing Divine Energy, rituals for unleashing your Divine Purpose + Qi gong methods to receive life force & messages from Earth, elements, guides + source & broadcasting the transmissions.

Every person has unique vocal codes that can be accessed under the influence of Divine Energy.

When we open ourselves to the Divine, a whole new dimension of our sound & message can channel through us with grace instead of resistance.

For you who are a Conscious Facilitator, Artist, Healer, Teacher, Entrepreneur, or Content Creator here to make an impact, share your wisdom & create a ripple effect with your offerings for the improvement of humanity. 

The content of these sessions will support you to share your passion, message & business with the world through enhancing your speaking, expression, writing, facilitation & any other creative outlets that inspire you. 

The sounds you vocalise help you in a number of different ways. 

They move things inside you, they help you release, they provide joy, they unveil your truth, they help you reprogram thought patterns which may be limiting for you, they can be a good mirror of your internal state, they help to express the unexpressed, they call in your Soul fragments into Oneness. 

I am delighted to be your vocal and sound guardian on this journey!