The Song of Your Soul:
5-day Retreat in Bali
Vocal Activation, Sacred Rituals, Nature Reconnection

with vocal activator, Marlia Coeur

3-8 December 2022

Early-Bird until Full Moon October 9th

In this 5-day retreat you will be guided through a safe journey to re-discover your voice through mystical trance rituals, to liberate your soul through sacred movement, and connect deeper to the divine spark in your heart.

*No prior singing experience is necessary

If your mind is saying “I am not a singer”, then this is the perfect space for you to surprise yourself.

Nāda Yoga: The Yoga of Sound
(3 hrs online workshop)

Vocal Meditation, Inner Peace, Ancient Tradition

with vocal activator, Marlia Coeur

17 September 2022

Pre-registration needed

I will be offering a 3-hour online Nada Yoga workshop on September 17th, shifting our brain chemicals, cultivating a feeling of joy, removing inhibitions and welcoming self-healing.

If you wish to feel more energised releasing happy hormones (dopamine & serotonin) and find community connection through song and sounding together, then join one of the 3 taster sessions on Insight Timer (Sunday 17th July, TBA in August & September) or the actual full workshop by registering on this link.

“To Margoudi” is a very popular Traditional Greek song rearranged by Marlia for string orchestra.

It is the second release from a series of 3 Greek folk songs in collaboration with the Sundaram ensemble live recorded in January 2022. This song was recorded live in Antida Studio in Bali.